Sundays at SPC. Nursery, Children’s Church

Is your worship contemporary or traditional? We hope our worship reflects both joy and reverence as we pray, sing, and learn from God’s Word. We typically sing hymns both new and old that are substantive, reflecting the breadth that Scripture teaches and heartfelt, reflecting the valleys and mountaintops of the Christian experience. We hope our worship reflects the reality that we stand on the shoulders of generations of Christians who have gone before us.


Won’t having the Lord’s Supper every week make it less special? With anything that you do regularly in your life, there is always a risk of just going through the motions. However, it does not have to be this way. Our conviction is that God welcomes us to the Table each Lord’s Day.


What should I wear? We believe that God sees the heart and is more concerned with our hearts than what we wear.


What should I do with my kids? Kids are always welcome during the worship. We provide Nursery for ages 0-3 years old. If you are new to Southside Pres, please stop by the nursery desk and we will be happy to check your child in and answer any questions you have!