Our Story

In 2022 Adam Venable was called to plant a new Church to reach the 35803 area of South Huntsville. Adam grew up in Huntsville and was familiar with the Redstone Arsenal. The Venable’s moved from Birmingham and knew what it felt like to be new to Huntsville. Adam had a background with RUF at UAB–the campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America.

In 2022 a group began to discuss what it would be like to plant a new Church in South Huntsville–one that shared life together in Southside and that pursued our neighbors with the Good News. After several monthly morning services in 2023 a Small Group Morning Worship Service began in 2024 at the Vision–Bailey Cove. 


We can continue to build our core group who want to serve in planting a new Church in South Huntsville. If you would like to learn more about helping us start a new Church in South Huntsville, then please email Adam at